A complete PBN management system that does it all.

Manual labor = Bye

The Most Elaborate PBN Management System Featuring

  • Built-In Organizational System For Domains and Hosting
  • 1-Click Link Edits
  • Premium domain manager
  • Over 30 columns of domain data
  • Majestic metrics
  • Automatic host detection/matching for your domains
“I guarantee you will find this software to be far superior to any of the various gimmicks currently in this space. For as long as PBNs have been around, there literally has been not 1 quality software for running them until now, which is why I had to build it myself.”

PAGE: /domains_main/


The Most Advanced Domain Management System Featuring A Huge-Ass Table With Customizable Columns

We have a huge table with dozens of columns to store and fetch all of the needed data for your domains.

The UI has been redone countless times and features tons of robust javascript features for maximum easy usability.

Customizable columns and more.

Automatically Fetch Needed Data
• Nameservers
• IP
• Status Code
• Majestic SEO Metrics
• The Links On Your Network(PBNs linking to Money Sites, etc.)
• + Much More

Store Your Own User-Entered Data
• Custom notes fields
• Specify your domain registrar
• + Much More

The 1. hosting manager and 2. domain manager are 2 completely independent systems that end up working in conjunction with each other.
(This is THE MOST EFFICIENT situation you can have that eliminates all redundancy of data storing and cross-referencing manual labor nightmares.)

There is no other “PBN Manager” software on the market that has this setup.


PAGE: /hosting_panels/

Complete Hosting Manager System That Accomodates EVERY Type Of Hosting So You Can Store All Of Your Information In One Spot

This was VERY DIFFICULT to build and no other softwares have anything even close to this.

Popular Money Site Hosts
• Dedicated servers
• VPS accounts (featuring WHM and multiple cPanels)
• Cloud droplets (MNX.io, Digital Ocean, etc.)
• Top-tier money site droplet hosting (Cloudways, WPXHosting, etc.)

Popular PBN Hosts
• SEO Hosting (BulkBuy, EBN, CloakHosting, etc.)
• Cheap shared cPanel hosting
• Premium shared cPanel hosting
• Other non-cpanel hosts (FatCow, iPage, etc.)
• Reseller cPanel Accounts (featuring WHM and multiple cPanels)

This allows you to manage

1. Manage all billing plans with ease (much better than using a spreadsheet)
2. See a bird’s eye view of where EVERY single site in your network is located (money site, pbn, or other site type)

1. Hosting Tree Page
2. Hosting Panels Master Table Page


PAGE: /hosting_cascade/

hosting tree of cpanels

Special Hosting Tree Page

We have taken great pains to build a variety of extremely customized interfaces that allow for maximum user-friendliness.

Our “Hosting Tree” page showcases all of your hosting data in a way that has never been done before.

Our “cascading” special table layout allows you to store all of your hosting data with maximum efficiency and eliminates redundancy.

Once you use this, you will never go back to a spreadsheet ever again.

Whatever type of hosting accounts you have, they will all be accomodated by our 4-entity db-driven system.


SPECIAL FEATURE: Backlinks Management


The Ultimate Automatic Backlinks Scraper + 1-Click Link Edits With WP Login API

We have a variety of features that allow you to manage your backlinks without any spreadsheets!

No more tracking all of your anchors, urls, etc. in an excel document – our system AUTOMATICALLY SCRAPES YOUR PBNs and stores the backlinks it finds.

Edit Links With 1 Click
• Make link nofollow or dofollow
• Delete link
• Edit link (AND surrounding sentence)
• Trash WP post containing link
Special Refetch Function – fetch an article off of your PBN into the PBN Ghost system/database so you can deploy it later to another site (rather than throwing expensive articles away)

You can make a link nofollow, make it dofollow, edit it(including the surrounding sentence which is stored in our DB for your convenience), delete it, trash the post, and perform other edits with just 1-click.

We also have a special Refetch feature which allows you to suck an article off of your PBN site and into the PBN Ghost article manager so you can deploy it later on another site! (rather than just wasting it)


PAGE: /content_articles/


Robust Article Management System Featuring A Customizable Table, Multiple Notes Fields, & More

Extremely customized interface allows you to easily pan through your articles.

Create groups with custom multi-identifier system for ultimate ease of use.

Pan through groups.


Integrates For Efficiency

Our expert team members are working hard to come up with more demos, pages to amaze you! Therefore we are offering you free updates and incredible support.

NOTICE: This software is not a cheap gimmick that uses a ThemeForest UI Template and was built by someone who does not actually do any significant SEO.


Most softwares, especially for SEO, and certainly any in the space of current “PBN managers”, are designed strictly for selling to people, the development budgets are microscopically small, there is nothing creative or special about them at all, and they use cookie-cutter UI templates which constrain the functionality of the program.


I promise you there has never been a PBN manager with such robust features ever publicly available.


I designed this beast to manage my own real PBN network of over a thousand sites in a way that I personally need to rank for competitive affiliate keywords.


I have been working on this perfect system for years.



Introductory Beta Pricing

Prices will be going up significantly soon!

This tool is legions beyond all of the other PBN management gimmicks currently out there- and we spent a ton creating it.



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