PBN Ghost – The Best Management Software & Tools For WordPress Blog Networks

PBN Ghost – The Best Management Software For WordPress Blog Networks

Automate Your PBN Management With This 1-Click SEO Software
And say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual labor.

The Gold Standard In PBN Management Software

By far the most comprehensive, useful, and detailed blog network manager ever publicly available


Features Apprentice Manager Chemist
Free Network Audit
Maximum Sites 35 60 90
Price $49 $79 $99
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  • 200 Sites
  • Free Network Audit



  • 300 Sites
  • Free SEO Network Audit

Email us for a bigger package if needed.

We have plenty of options available.

Also, we have other options for sites that run other CMS systems.

Email us for a bigger package if needed.

We have plenty of options available.

Also, we have other options for sites that run other CMS systems.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does this software leave footprints?

No. This software does not use any WP plugins so no, it does not leave any footprints. This is simply a tool that pings/fetches data about your sites and if you use the WP API functionality for posting to your sites, etc. – this is all done through the WordPress XML-RPC API so Google has no way of linking your sites together

Some of my sites are non-Wordpress. What can this software do for those?

This software is still majorly useful for PBNs that are non-Wordpress. You can see, for example, OBLs that you have(as long as they are on the homepage our software will scrape them for you- I still use this for some random non-WP properties I have), Majestic/Moz Data, Google Index Status, HTTP Status Code, etc.


Why am I losing money every day I'm not using this software?

Managing a PBN manually involves tons of manual labor and time is money.


Where do we get training for the system?

There are training videos inside your members area/account- just click on “Training” on the top nav bar. These explain everything you could ever want to know about how to use Network 9 most effectively.


Passive PBN Power.

And our feature list goes on:

See all your PBN and money site link data
No more using spreadsheets to manually track your links. Crawl your PBN with our tool and it automatically stores all of your anchor, URL, authority link, money site link, etc. data. And you can still keep the large bots like Ahrefs blocked off your PBN!

IP, NS, Status Code
Automatically see all of this basic data and more for all your sites in one panel.

Delete Links With One Click
You can trash a WP post(and know what links it contains) with one click from our dashboard. This is done through the WP API- not a plugin so there are no footprints.

Edit Links And Posts In WP With One Click
You can select a link and with one click automatically be logged into the WP site with that post open in the editor, no more manually searching for your posts by looking at the front end and then mentally remembering the title and going inside the dashboard and then clicking on the post. You know how freaking tedious this is if you run a PBN.

Post To Your PBN And Create Detailed Dripfeeds
Post to your PBN using your content that you have already uploaded into the system. Create links with one click. Create dripfeeds of posts if you want, with your specified time and start date, AND control in a very DETAILED WAY which anchors go on which sites, etc. (not a worthless generic “blast” poster that just pukes random posts on random sites).

Store ALL Of Your Domain/Hosting Details In One Spot
Store your WP login, domain registrar login, and hosting client area/cpanel details and URLs here so you can access all of them with one click.

Automatic Host Tracking
No more wondering what host your site is on or manually looking it up with domain tools! No matter what type of hosting you use(individual web hosting accounts, SEO hosting services, etc.), our system will automatically detect what host your site is on by its nameservers(you must upload a spreadsheet of your hosts with their NS) and then with one-click you can automatically log in to the associated cpanel and client area for that site.

Majestic, Moz, and Alexa Metrics
Always know the MJTF, MJCF, MJRD, MJBL, MZDA, MZPA, MZRD, MZBL and Alexa ranking of all of your sites.

Google Index Check
Automatically check your sites’ index status with one click.

Organize Your Domains Neatly Into Groups
This helps for seperating different networks and keeping track of your empire in an organized fashion.

Store All Your Content In One Spot
You can upload groups of articles, images, “authority links” that you want to go into your PBN posts, and video embed codes. You can store these all here in one central dashboard, and then with one click later, of course, you can post them to your PBN.

Best Interface/Dashboard Panel Ever
The main reason I hate any software I try, is because, the interface SUCKS! This was built by an SEO who ACTUALLY DOES SEO EVERY DAY so I built this to be as user-friendly as possible and the main screen has a custom javascript interface that was reverse-engineered for your lazy one-click convenience!

And more…
We will be adding new features going forward.

PBN Ghost takes all of the busy work out of owning a PBN.

Here are just a few of our features:

Your Link Data Is Automatically Retrieved And Organized For You

Out-Bound/Incoming Link Stats For Each PBN and MS Are Tracked

Say goodbye to manual spreadsheet labor forever! Now you can see all of the links on your PBN because they are fetched for you automatically.

See All Of Your Anchor Text In One Spot

All of your link data is organized so you can see what links a certain money site has, what OBLs a certain PBN has, etc. Also you can delete and edit links with one click.

Automatically Avoid Duplicate-IP Conflicts On Your PBN

Never worry about posting a link on the same IP again. Our system automatically scans for this so you don’t.

You’ll Never Lose Track Of Your Hosting

Your Hosting Account Is Automatically Matched To Your Sites

Next to each of your sites in the system you will have buttons to login to the cPanel and Hosting Client Area for that site. You upload your hosting data in the “hosting manager” section of the software and then they are automatically matched after your site’s NS is pinged.

Upload Content And Dripfeed Links To Your PBN

1. Upload Your Own “Batches” Of Authority Links, Images, Articles, And Embed Codes

Store them all here for 1-click future use.

2. Choose What PBN To Post To

Network 9 automatically filters out PBNs that are on IPs where you already have links.

3. Specify All The Details For Each Individual PBN

Network 9 gives you the power to run extremely detailed “drip feeds”. For example, you can specify the anchor text and links you want on each individual PBN.

Keep all of your info in 1 dashboard so it’s completely Plug-and-Play.

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